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I’m back!

Well, 2014 has been an “interesting” year for me. The company that I’d run for 15 years, Dianthus Medical, went bust in July, and I rather suddenly and unexpectedly found myself unemployed. That was not a fun experience.

Happily, I didn’t stay unemployed for long, and in the autumn I started a new job. I must confess to having been a bit nervous about this after having been my own boss since the days when we all used to think Tony Blair was one of the good guys. But I needn’t have worried: my new job has turned out to be a real joy.

Running a business was pretty damn hard work. The silver lining of the cloud that was my business going tits up is that I no longer have to worry about all that business stuff: dealing with endless government-mandated red tape, chasing customers who don’t pay on time, trying to find new business, and all that sort of thing. Now I can just get on with doing all the interesting statistical consultancy that I enjoy.

You may remember that I used to write a blog on the Dianthus Medical website. That site is sadly now defunct, but I do have a backup of all the blogposts and I will get round to putting them back on the internet one of these days.

But anyway, after a little break from blogging while I sorted my life out, I’m back. I hope you’ll come back and visit my new blog and see what interesting things from the world of statistics, medicine, and science move me to write something.